So we have this body, which seems to require a lot of maintenance to keep running properly. It doesn’t matter when we realize this, but if we wish to fulfill our purpose here, it helps to keep the body in tip top shape. Let’s focus then on our relationship with our bodies and the untold miracles it can bring to us when we are in full connection.

One of the things I learned about humans is their utter uniqueness in the entire universal system. There are many inhabitants of the universe … we aren’t the only ones … but that is a topic for another blog. As co-residents of the quantum field, however, humans possess some unique traits. Some of them are pretty bothersome, but others are magical.

Here is a brief list on how unique we are. I’m pretty sure when you read this, you will look at it and wonder, why is this so special? We have always felt this way.

  • Unlike most others in the Universe, we are separate from our connection to others because we live in bodies.
  • Information, instead, comes to us in the form of an experience to our bodies.
  • The emotions we feel in response to these experiences inform us. They deliver messages based on what we just experienced.
  • Our emotional range is vast. We don’t perceive in shades of gray as others do. We perceive in absolutes: black vs white, good vs evil, etc.
  • Because direct connection to others, including those benevolent spirits in the divine quantum field, is indirect, we forget who we are. This is the “veil” that separates us from the Truth.

Let’s look at our bodies in a different way. Physically, we possess an amazing operating system. Our bodies are brilliant pieces of machinery consisting of a host of separate yet connected functional areas that have a specific job to do. All systems talk to each other. All cells are in communion with what the body wants to do. All systems are masters of their own specific areas. The brain is the master conductor and makes sure all parts are running as coherently as possible.   This we already know. We have come to believe that the brain tells the body what to do and then the body does what it must. But who does the Brain answer to?

Where does the Brain get its marching orders? Well, goodness gracious, it’s from US, i.e. our Minds! Direction comes from those thoughts we carry about ourselves and our situations. Direction comes from the emotions we experience as we go about our day and events present themselves to us. Direction comes from the words we use to evaluate ourselves and others. Direction comes from the energy carried in these thoughts, words and emotions. There is a relatively new science called Epigenetics that shows how our internal environment and the rate and strength of cell regeneration that occurs every single day is directly related to the energy of the words and emotions that we feed it, i.e. its physical environment!

Our brain looks for and senses these energetic catalysts, evaluates them and then follows orders. The brain and the body only want to give us what we want. They live to serve us. The biggest clue they have as to what we want is what we are feeling, thinking and saying. This is how we communicate with ourselves. Most of us believe we are victims of circumstance, the things that happen to us are random and that our job is to simply manage the effects of the outcome. These attitudes portend, instead, a body out of control. In fact, the brain is constantly waiting for instruction.

Here is a benign example that demonstrates the point. You are looking forward to the weekend. There’s a big party you are planning to go to. You do not want to work. You are going to this party. At the last minute on late Friday afternoon, your boss hits you with an emergency project that needs to be done by Monday. You DON’T want to work, but now you have to. So what happens? … You get the mother of all colds and, now, you can neither work nor go to the party.   The brain, which interprets things quite literally, by the way, is so pleased it gave you what you wanted … no work for the weekend!

By constantly saying that “I’m just sickly, I am stupid, I am lazy, jealous, etc.”, you are wiring firm instructions to your body. You are the Super-Mind. Your body will respond. After a time, you might make the conclusion that “Your biology is, indeed, your biography.”

In closing, I leave you with this idea. The body loves to have you love it. Love your cells, thank them for the hard work that they do. Love your Brain. It will do anything for you. Just feed everyone properly. Watch those emotions, especially ones that transform into lifetime limiting beliefs. Watch those words! They can be deadly if you believe them. Watch your body! It is talking to us all the time and giving us messages as to what it needs, when it is in pain, and when it needs more love.

And lastly, those special messages from the Divine that we can’t hear are duplicated in our hearts! Everything we know and don’t think we know is there. No more excuses about a misty veil! By focusing love and understanding on ourselves, we earn the ability to love others. It’s a win-win!