It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a new blog. Feeling the yen to put some words out there, I reviewed my earlier essays and was struck by the fact that, at the end of the day, the theme could be said to revolve around behavior. Behavior!  Back to Kindergarten!

Why does this bother me? I find myself in situations where I “forget” that I am a spiritual being and behave like a human. This can only indicate that self-negativity and judgment have stepped in to save my ego. The problem with this is there is a near certainty I have also assaulted someone else’s ego. What is the basic condition I need to address to lose this trait once and for all?

I have done a lot of reading over the past seven years and this path of mine has taken many unauthorized diversions, but I managed to find my way home again. A tremendous amount of information has been delivered, yet despite all that I’ve learned and experienced, there are certain Truths that I keep gravitating towards . . . and one of them holds the answer to the question in this post. To refresh that Truth points directly to how we feel about Unconditional Self-Love.

An exploration of this state presented one very important agent necessary to getting there. We remember that everything is energy and when new energies come into our view, we must expect things to change. It turns out that our ability to understand Innocence can serve as the key to the door of unconditional self-love. Innocence is a state of being. It is nothing that we have to work at. Just like free will, innocence is part and parcel of the human package. Unconditional self-love is a field of energy we can achieve to. I needed to find the energy frequency that activates it. In a roundabout way, just thinking about our innocence paved the path to unconditional self-love for me.

Let’s put this in perspective. I do not have a hard time loving my loved ones. Not one bit. This is good, but not what I am talking about. We are SUPPOSED to be our Brothers’ Keepers. Somehow over the course of thousands of years we have forgotten that tiny detail. We walk by beggars and people in pain on the sidewalks and look ahead as if we never saw them. We vent our frustrations on sales people and clerks because they can’t see we are having a bad day. We may bring this closer to home by gossiping about friends and co-workers. For me, in the early years, this was my modus operandi. I viewed it as a sport, a time for some fun, a good distraction. I certainly wasn’t looking out for anyone.

But here’s what I’ve learned. We are ALL doing the best we can. We know our flaws. We might know what caused them, but most of the time we don’t. We live in a very difficult environment for Awakening or Enlightenment. Our culture doesn’t support such effort much as it hints of an earlier time of hippies, drugs and the “peace, love and vibration, man”, vibes which fizzled out with the Manson murders.  It didn’t leave a good taste. While the movement had an impact during its day, most went back to the old ways of just living in 3D. Forget the spirituality!

Yet, we remain unhappy. And, to add fuel to the fire, rumor has it in the metaphysical world that it’s time to fish or cut bait. We need to CHANGE!  Despite all of the fascinating information I have learned about this “other world” of quantum energy, consciousness and the realm of the Divine, it took me a long time to accept the fact that I am going to have to be a more loving person to be a happier person. Further, if I want to master love at all, I need to start with self. I need absolute unconditional self – love to heal. It keeps coming back to this. This was the decision I made five years ago and I’m still working on it.

Most of us evaluate how we are doing in the world based on outside feedback. Are we measuring up? If we don’t and then work to do so, will anybody notice? How does one fall in love with oneself without having to go out into the world and test this “new you” and into the world of humanity? Is there anyway to be sure we are on the right path, other than outside validation?

For perspective, the only beings we really have to answer to are God (Source itself) and ourselves. It’s really no one else’s business. Validation comes from the gifts that arise when we achieve this level. Validation is to come to us from us.

I got it. I did. I understood how this worked and I understood its value, but there was a gap . . . a gap in belief, one that informed me that I just might be applying new cosmetics to make myself look temporarily better. Something was missing. How can I access this state and believe it?

Consciousness is a massive topic. It holds an infinite . . . INFINITE . . . number of frequencies. When the vibrations of these frequencies are mixed with the vibrations of an individual human being, they come together to create the “consciousness state” in which we operate. The foundational state of all consciousness fields is Innocence. (Hawkins, David; Map of Consciousness). Since our energies are unique to us, these consciousness fields support us in its entirety and uniquely, no matter what we are doing or thinking. The power of a consciousness field comes from pure Love. That’s the bottom line. The quantity and quality of Love that exists in one’s personal consciousness field is created by the person himself and no one else. Love shows itself in many ways, but there are versions of Love that are clearly distinguishable from each other. Not all Love is created equal.

Recognizing both Love and Innocence as two powerful Divine states, I still needed to forge a path to the Unconditional Self-Love I knew I needed to heal. What is Innocence then?

It means that at the heart of everything we do, innocence is a primary motivator and, as such, creates the desire to please, to learn, to explore, to act in a loving way and do the right thing. Innocence is innate to human nature. Upon reflection, I realized that I had never before applied innocence to the human effort. Just this fact alone opened my heart.

Oftentimes we humans can’t see the forest for the trees, but this revelation revealed to me that I am an innocent creature as well. I reviewed some of the twists and turns I have taken throughout my life, I saw that I made mistakes. Despite my elevated intentions, I trusted others and looked to them for validation that my actions were sound. Trust is beneficial, but the order of trusting needed to be re-arranged. I needed first to trust myself.

The revelation happened when I reviewed the mistakes I had made out of innocence. Surprisingly, I was over-whelmed with Compassion. Compassion for myself as I stumbled, tripped and fell often as I tried to “do the right thing”. I discovered this was the same kind of compassion one feels when they might come across some poor animal struggling with all its heart to escape some nefarious fate. Witnessing the struggle of others to just live is a powerful compassion generator. This is the silent struggle we all face and, at its core, I find this trait not only endearing, but loveable. Throwing the towel of innocence over what people say and do helps bring clarity to the situation. It inspires and amazes and creates in one a very generous compassionate view.

Compassion for others is just. One. Heartbeat. Away. from Unconditional Self-Love. Compassion for our personal struggles will not only bring us to tears, but also to unconditional self-love. When we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, we are ready to share that love with others. There is a universal law that we can’t deliver to others that which we can’t deliver to ourselves. In order for the human race to survive, we are going to have to indulge in Love and a lot of it. Love starts with self and grows exponentially. Start there and wait for the miracles to happen.