“Borrowing Trouble Before It Comes”

We are already off to a rough start … borrowing! What is borrowing if we can’t relate it to banking? We borrow for some future event or to reconstruct or repair some past situation. Either way, there is a cost to this activity. In banking we call it interest; in life we call it “asking for trouble”. Notice how borrowing focuses on both the past and/or the future. What happened to the NOW?

Why do we worry at all? Perhaps we had a negative past experience that we wish never to happen again.   Somehow, we seem to think that if we worry about it, we are preparing ourselves to prevent it from happening again. Perhaps again we worry about a “made-up” future event occurring or not occurring. All of these kinds of thoughts may cause us to create some response to an expected, imaginary event to again control the “imaginary” outcome. At the end of the day, this clumsy effort is our trying to control all that has happened to us in this life and all that might happen to us. This is a fulltime job and an unnecessary one that creates stress, unhappiness and even disease.

What is worry at all except for a creation of our own mind … a manifestation of a thought that, if we give it enough attention, will turn into reality. Worry is nothing more than a personal limiting belief taking form. Since thoughts, words and emotions are pure energy, we carry the power to transform them into matter. Our thoughts are, indeed, quite powerful. Before we manifest anything, however, we are only facing possibilities, not probabilities … and certainly not a certainty! Why are we wasting our time?

There are many ways to frame a discussion about Worry. In the opening paragraph I note that worry seems to occur when we think about our past or our future. Sure, we may worry seconds before we make a public speech about forgetting our lines, but that worry still occurs for the future … just a few seconds away. Is there any value to focusing our attention in the NOW moment instead?

There is much magic in staying focused in the NOW. Why is this so very important? Because it is in the NOW moment that Truth finds its home! And isn’t it the Truth that we are really searching for?

To deal with the worry dilemma, I determined it was best to find out what truth really is and the answer surprised me! From a study of a Transcendental Meditation called TEM (Total Embodiment Meditation), I patched together some key thoughts on Truth that might be helpful. TEM Meditation, also known as the Samurai Meditation, uses the NOW moment and Mindfulness to learn to access Truth … All Truth! At the very least, it shows how far off from the Truth our definition of Truth really is.

The human version of truth is flawed. Why? Because our internal mental/emotional make-up, the very nature of life in a 3 dimensional world is made up of experiences around which we have formed beliefs … beliefs we believe are dead-on mirrors of truth. But how can they be? They are completely unique and individual. Because they can vary so much, none of these beliefs can be categorized as truth for all, just truths for one. There is only one truth and it is the Divine one. What is truth and where can we find it?

I will likely spend a lot of time on the subject of truth in future blogs. For now, even though we might not understand, there is only one place to find truth and that is in the quiet solitude of our own precious hearts. In the metaphysical world, we refer to this place as the abyss, nothingness . . . the NOW moment. This concept was one of the most difficult for me to grasp. I did not understand how the search for truth could ever be found in nothingness. There are a lot of surprises ahead.

Nevertheless, I found a way, but it was not without struggle. In order to “receive” I had to clean up things on the inside and this took a good amount of time. You see, those things I believed were truths for all really weren’t even truths for me! When we take the time to understand our own selves in a deeply honest way, truth will come and we will recognize it.

Truth is not a thing. It is an essence, just like God. Truth just … is. There is no content in Truth … ever. Truth is simply a statement of existence. Nothing can qualify it because there is no content. Truth is clarity. The purest forms of Truth resonate the same way Love resonates. Like Love, Truth is a knowing. Where can we find Truth? We can find it in the NOW moment. We can find it in the abyss. We can find it in nothingness. How do we know Truth? We know it by its vibration, its resonance. We feel it.