One of the most difficult metaphysical metaphors to understand is that of the mirror. Many of us have heard several variations. We are a “reflection” of Source and, as such, have possession of its divine aspects, which means oodles of compassion and love. We’ve heard that, as artists, we use the mirror to create a bridge to others with our creations. And, as humans, we are charged to see ourselves in others as the mirror reflects back to us our personal characteristics that we happen to share with another person.

As an avid follower of the metaphysical, I am part of several metaphysical groups, most of which are focused on the difficult task of transforming ourselves into the godlike creatures we have been told we are. While the goal is glorious, the path itself can be a messy and difficult one. Most of the followers of these groups are sincere, earnest and determined to transform and/or ascend. As we struggle through our journey, we seek advice, comfort and guidance from these groups. This morning’s post is a perfect example of not only how difficult this journey is, but how beautifully it demonstrates the mirror concept.

The author of this post seeks advice from her group for navigating a messy divorce, dealing with unkind and intolerant people and a host of other complaints. She, herself, is following the path of righteousness and love, but she can’t understand why life is throwing so many challenges her way. A reader offers the thought that perhaps she look deeper into her own psyche for answers. She explains, “like a mirror, we reflect back what we are putting out.” The mirror itself is a metaphor for the Law of Attraction. When we send energy frequencies (through emotions, in this case) into the universe, we will attract back frequencies of like kind.

Our author’s response was quite interesting and entertaining. Despite the scientific basis behind what is really happening, she responds in anger, defensiveness and judgment. Despite her demonstrations, she believed she has already transcended these negative human qualities. The fact that she was reflecting out the same negativity she was experiencing did not resonate with her concept of the law of attraction. At the end of the day, she basically denied its veracity and would have to “think” about it.

The dilemma now facing the author presents as negative comments from the very people she is asking for help. This is not new for a lot of us slogging our way in this arena. We work so hard to master our demons and just when we think we’ve got it, we find ourselves surrounded by unpleasantness. It is not easy to believe that we, ourselves, are responsible for attracting it. We also know we will get through it, and eventually, learn to view the mirror as a gift. I use it to test my place on the path. I now see unpleasant, personal situations as a clue that I might not be thinking as purely as I thought I was. This gives me the chance to make a course correction. The mirror really is our friend and, one day, when we look into it, we will see all the beauty we truly hold. I plan to keep it around for a while.